Adding a trellis or an arbor to your garden or patio is an great way to add ambiance and charm to your home.

Eastside Deck, LLC builds beautiful trellises and arbors for homes in Seattle, Bellevue, Issaquah, and Mercer Island.


A trellis is useful for more than just a framework for growing creepers and vines. They are a decorative element that can turn a blank wall into an attractive focal point, and they can raise the height of a wall to add privacy for your home.

We have extensive carpentry experience, and can work with a full range of woods and materials. We can custom craft your trellis to match perfectly with your existing walls and home.


An arbor adds elegance and style to any garden. They provide support for climbing roses and provide a decorative addition for your home. An arbor can be paired with a fence, creating a grand entrance that unifies the whole garden.

Please check out our gallery for examples of our custom built arbors and trellises we have built from Seattle to Bellevue.

What our clients say

I can't say enough good things about Eastside Decks and Kevin, who recently replaced the deck on the back of my home in Bellevue and updated my front deck with new materials and supports, as well.

I highly recommend him for any project where highly competitive pricing, speed, and attention to detail are what you require. Like many of Eastside Decks' other clients, I was very impressed with Kevin's work ethic and approachability, and extremely pleased with the outcome.

Thanks Kevin!
Kerry Zeida