Composite decking is a great alternative for those who want the elegance of a wood deck but don't want the upkeep and maintenance.

Traditionally made from wood flour and PVC, a composite deck can last for years and does not require staining, sanding or sealing. Composite decks are fire and water resistant and come in many different styles, grains and colors.

Timbertech Decking

Why Choose Timbertech® Decking:
One way to extend home living to the outdoors is to invest in a deck. Working with a professional contractor, a deck can be designed to complement a home or invite interest to a special landscape feature. Whatever the idea or wherever the location, TimberTech® products in the right hands will make dreams come true.

Once the decision has been made to enhance the exterior of a home, spend time choosing the right contractor for the project. Primarily, the contracting company is to be licensed, bonded and insured according to Washington's requirements. Secondly, the company is to be experienced in the patio design and build business.

Discuss with the contractor, how the deck is to be used and what the expectation is for the final product. Optimally, a contractor will understand the decking product's strengths and weaknesses in differing terrains and climates and homeowner use. Request the company's web site to view completed projects. Always ask for and contact client references.

TimberTech® products can stand up to the wet west coast as well as the drier eastern areas of Washington. All decking boards have wood grain texture and require minimum maintenance. Most of these products are a composite of wood dust and plastic. TimberTech┬« also manufactures a cellular PVC decking that removes maintenance from the homeowner's vocabulary.

For saltwater or pool dwellers, TimberTech® has a product made specifically to handle the sun, salt, and rigorous use that is required of a deck by the water. Though more limited in color selection, this product will handle dogs, children, water toys and pool parties with nary a thought.

Create aesthetic interest and value to a home by expanding the indoors to an outside deck. In using TimberTech® products, the focus of the deck will be fun and relaxation without the maintenance. Research the product online for a better understanding of the options available. Take careful consideration when choosing a contractor, as he or she will be the interpreter of dreams.

Eastside Decks, LLC has been the Deck company of choice in Seattle, Snohomish, The Greater Eastside & Pierce County for more than a decade. Call today to schedule an appointment and please check our extensive gallery for some of our Puget Sound area deck work.

What our clients say

I believe our house will be held up during an earthquake by our new deck. I may be slightly exaggerating, but my statement reflects how solid our new deck is.

Our old deck was a previous owner's self-made rickety disaster. Kevin and his crew tore it down and replaced it with a masterful creation reflecting my wish for a deck with virtually no corners. I wanted the brochure picture of organic design and that is exactly what I got.

During construction our back yard was left spotless every day. We have a tenant who had to enter and exit a door right through the construction area, but she never encountered a piece of construction equipment or nail out of place.

Kevin is an artist. We were in for a potential fight with the County Inspector due to the placement of the existing (non-permitted) deck. We ultimately encountered no difficulty. I attribute much of this ease to Kevin's expertise in both design, and construction.

Many thanks!
Eileen Carrel