A deck is more than an extension to your house. It's an outdoor living space, offering a place to entertain family and friends for an afternoon barbecue or evening party, or the perfect place to spend a quiet afternoon of relaxation.

Eastside Decks, LLC crafts custom porches and decks for homes in Seattle, Bellevue, Issaquah, and Mercer Island.

Teak Porches & Decks

For the wet coastal region of Washington the beauty and durability of teak is hard to pass up. When building a wood deck in the great Pacific Northwest, using teak wood simply makes sense. Not only is teak neutral to differing temperatures, it can stand up to all weather conditions due to its inherent oil content and tight grain pattern. Teak wood also resists rot, fungus and boring insects.

When you want to kick back in the warm weather, don't worry about wearing your shoes or letting your children crawl around on the bare wood, teak doesn't splinter and the surface is smooth to the touch. When used as pool decking, teak also has a natural slip resistance and it doesn't warp or result in raised grain.

For wood products, teak is perhaps the lowest maintenance wood used for decks and patios. Very seldom do you get a list of what not to do for a wood deck that is shorter than its list of to dos. To keep teak's inherent positive qualities, sanding is not recommended as it removes the natural slip-resistance. Varnishing will also ruin the non-slip surface and it doesn't adhere well to the wood. Oiling the surface can be done but teak has its own natural oil compounds so it is only recommended infrequently if ever. The most regular maintenance your teak deck will need is to clean it occasionally with water.

As preparation to designing and building a cedar deck begins, an experienced contractor is important. At Eastside Decks, LLC, we have the knowledge in designing and building wood decks and we can assure you that the finished deck will look and function well, far into the future. The beauty of cedar planks is accentuated on a deck by having the eye of practiced crafter perform the installations. We at Eastside Decks, LLC have been creating custom decks in the greater Seattle area for over six years

Eastside Decks, LLC have the equipment and the experience to bring this truly beautiful wood decking to your outside living environment. We understand that teak has a natural content of silica and we make sure our cutting blades are always sharpened to assure the most intricate of cuts are made correctly the first time.

Because teak has a natural variance in color, mostly from yellow to reddish brown, we pay attention during deck design and layout to how the entire finished product will appeal to the most discerning eye. We can incorporate artistic designs in wood or use other materials to make your teak deck an original.

Call or email Eastside Decks, LLC for a free estimate. We can assist you from planning through installation. Decks are our business and pleasing the customer is our promise to you. Don't wait, add some value to your home and your life, make a teak deck a reality.

What our clients say

I'm really pleased with the new front porch that Kevin built. He had the extra challenge of working around guys who were building a wall next to the porch. Despite them taking longer than expected, Kevin was able to complete his work on schedule with no compromise in quality.

Thanks, Kevin for improving the appearance and safety of the front entryway.