Composite decking is a great alternative for those who want the elegance of a wood deck but don't want the upkeep and maintenance.

Traditionally made from wood flour and PVC, a composite deck can last for years and does not require staining, sanding or sealing. Composite decks are fire and water resistant and come in many different styles, grains and colors.

Fiberon Decking

Why Choose Fiberon® Composite Decking:
While the lush beauty of Washington is enjoyable to view, slogging through wet grass and mud, only to bring both into the house, is tiring. Why not tame some of the great outdoors by installing a deck. Having a deck made with Fiberon® composite decking will leave the outside where it belongs. Once the sun shines, the additional outdoor living space will be ready to enjoy.

Planning a deck begins with hiring a professional contractor. When possible, use a local company that has a history of working in the area. A few benefits of hiring a local contractor are, their references will be local, their prices will be competitive and they will be familiar with local soil and weather conditions. Peruse the company website for testimonials and pictures of completed projects.

The design stage is when the experience of the contractor first benefits the homeowner. Based on knowledge and experience of deck installation, the contractor can keep the plan realistic yet be able to incorporate the must have items to personalize each deck. Furthermore, the contractor will know which Fiberon® product is better suited for the project.

Fiberon® composite decking comes in four styles. The Horizen® line offers a choice of six colors of wood grain planks that are protected against mold and termites and is scratch and stain resistant. The Fiberon® Outdoor Flooring line uses the latest PVC decking technology, which provides a virtual maintenance-free deck. Choose from five warm wood tones. This product is for the homeowner who really doesn't do maintenance.

The Pro-Tect product allows a more inexpensive way to have a deck. The product retains the resistant properties of higher cost composite decking but at a more affordable price. The Professional Decking saves cost by imprinting both sides of the board with wood grain. With this double-sided option, waste, due to cutting, is reduced.

Enjoy a low maintenance deck made of Fiberon® composite decking. With the professional experience of a local contractor, the deck will increase the home's value and decrease the homeowner's sweat equity. Embrace nature just leave it outside.

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What our clients say

I had the pleasure of working with Kevin of Eastside Decks in February of this year, 2008. I elected to have a TREX deck built onto the rear of my home. Kevin was thoughtful and supportive with advice and recommendations and was very competitive with his professional bid.

I had solicited other Deck Building bids, and Kevin, by far came in with the most value for the product. Kevin was careful and reliable with the building process and appointments and I'm very pleased with the resulting product - the deck turned out very nice. I would give Kevin Everett of Eastside Decks my highest recommendation for professional service and product provided.
Lynn Dooley